Eol of Nan Elmoth (eol_nanelmoth) wrote in bachelorisland,
Eol of Nan Elmoth

November 2, 2006

I somehow forgot to mention some very interesting news I learned when I met with Greg at the lab back at the beginning of the month. We got talking about the summer's work (more jesting then anything) and apparently the department has been buzzing about the findings we had with the auguring. It seems definite that there will be some formal digging at the site in the summer of 2008.

It's pretty exciting stuff. I mentioned to Greg that I would like to help however I can. Hopefully by then, I know what I can do and how often. I will need to keep in touch with Jon to make sure I can keep in touch with the project. Not only for your viewing pleasure, but also it can look really good on my records to have something that turned into something pretty large despite initial thoughts and impressions.

I will keep you up to date on how that is progressing.
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