Eol of Nan Elmoth (eol_nanelmoth) wrote in bachelorisland,
Eol of Nan Elmoth

August 14, 2006

Well,this turned out to be my last day in the field. As Jon mentioned last wednsday, we went out in the depth of Carty Unit. The grass was tall and the mesquitos were large and eager. The main plan was for use to cover at least four holes that went 3 meters deep. We were to gather charcoal samples so he could compare with an exposed site along the embankment. The last two holes before lunch, we found some FCR, but mostly large pockets of charcoal.

After lunch, we dug two more holes and found an old nail, some glass and whole bunch of sand. And let's not mention the very angery ant hill Raven almost sat down on. Otherwise, the work was straightforward. After the whole, we drove further down to look at the current conditions of Cathlapotle. Now, you cannot really see the site since it's buried under large cottenwoods and nettles. I would have taken pictures had I thought it was benefical. However, what we saw that day was far different then when it was occupied. It was a beachy like terrian and went straight to the river.


Recall the possible bear phalangies that were uncovered the week before? Well, it was discovered they were not bone at all. They sounded like the were the same mystery stuff (possible crunchy mottles) from the last midden hole on previous Monday.

I have a few more pictures I will post later this week.
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