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Week of August 7- 11, 2006

For the past few weeks, it has been discussed on several occassions why we have not found trash pits, or middens. We had found where they were dumping the unwanted FRC, we have found the deep organic layers providing evidence of where they spent their time. But we had not found evidence of where they were dumping the bones, shells and hearth debris. Well the mystery revealed itself in several holes along the tall canary grass toward the north east. There is a small waterway that flows near the site, more or less a small lake. It may be the remerants of where Columbia may have flowed about 2000 years ago.

We did not hit the midden until about 100 centimeters down below the surface. The first signs were charcoal encased by clay. Along with this, we eventually found bone, but just not flakes. There were sizable samples, most likely phalangies of a mamamal,but thankfully not human. Raven and Greg hypothesis they were probably from a small bear. I should know more about these findings tomorrow. Greg and Raven were going to screen and clean the samples were took (bulk samples of the midden material and surrounding soil) on Thursday.

It appears that the Chinooken people were throwing their trash into the river, away from the houses and separate from the FCR dumps.

After lunch, we processed several other holes, leaving two for the last ones thinking they hold more evidence of the middens. Jon floated between the two teams, spending time doing some surface surveying. He did find a palm-sized Unifacial blade near the oak tree. We were prevented from doing any additonal investigation of the tree due to the large present of blackberry bramble.

Greg's team hit midden early, but it was not nearly as dense and it quickly turned into straight sand. My team however, it was not until again after 120cm did we hit midden. However there were no phalangies, but were did run across something curious. At first they were thought to be beads. There were long and tube in shape, with a slight noddle at one side and end. We found a few back in the first midden hole earlier in the day, but thought them to be bone. We kept on finding more of these "tubes". They were breakable and bright orange in color, like the large bisque balls were also finding in the hole earlier. After finding so many, Jon made an asscertain that as strange as it may sound, they may simply be a natural, albeit biazzar, mottle. We did take a sample of them to further determine what they were.

These first few shots, Jon took on my camera. This is Raven and I. You can probably guess who is who here.

This is the overlook of B11 looking east.

Here is Greg's group hard as work....or hardly working? :)

Yep, that's Raven and I...I am still wondering why my camera didn't malfunction with that shot. I don't like being on that end of my camera. ><

We returned for the last time at B11. We had about eight more holes were going to dig in order to determine the last edges of where the site occupation dropped off. As predicted, little was found for the exception of a few CCS flakes and FCR.

It seemed the bramble that had prevented us from placing a hole near the oak tree on monday was now gone. THe mower had gone through and taken down most of the high grass and bushes. Seizing the opprotunity, Jon put in the 9N2W hole and we set up two screens and processed the hole. THe organic layer was there along with minor flakes, some small pieces of bone and FCR. The organics quickly went into sand about 120-140cm below the surface.

This is Catherine and Raven working on our second to last hole.

This little guy is protected in this area. But isn't cute though?

Now I had forgotten to mention something very interesting that one of the volunteers wore. Marissa joined us several weeks ago, working on Wednsdays. She made this little fanny pack like carrier to hold her supplies and tools. It is a Hello Kitty archaeology pack. Most of us tried to convience to make several of these and advertise them on the Shovelbum's website. Here is Marissa.

Here is the pack

Detail of pack

Still think she should make field packs. How can one go wrong with Hello Kitty digging up bones and anasazi bowls?

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