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Week of July 31- August 2, 2006

Well, several major things were unveiled to us beginning on Monday. Greg's group uncovered a major find, 1 meter worth of organic soils mixed with small pieces of bone, FRC and flakes. It seems that the front yard of the houses faced north-east. The soil is finer, more organic soil, smaller FCR and presence of small bone fragments, mostly fish and bird.

The west side, where my group usually works, we find big clunkers worth of FCR, lower to non-presences of organic soil and sparse artifacts. And what I mean by big clunkers is that some pieces of FCR would be about the size of my fist, about 6-7 inches in diameter. Some are too large to get out with auger or are in such a horrible position in the hole, we have to terminate the hole. We have had to do that several times. However another 20 meters down the slope, we were in the canary grass and we found nothing. Based on the findings, it appears we may have found where they dumped their used rock rubbaged and the extent in which the water came to their houses. The reason for them to be dumping their rocks away to the back is simple as moving your child's legos from out of the middle of the floor. The Chinook people like to use soft, clean sand as their floors. And one can say they often went about barefoot. So one can come to the conclusion that barefeet and large, sharp pieces of FCR are not a meeting that should not take place.

Here is the area we worked during the morning hours before lunch. This is the south side of B11. Little was found, mostly FCR in large chunks. Jon thinks this is the very edge of the house occupation site. Most of the activity probably took place on the north side of the gravel road.

Wednsday, I managed to forget my camera, so I have not pictures to share and help illustrate what we found. Jon placed my group on the east side for a while to help determine where exactly where some of these houses were. We ended up find a hole right between them! The organic layer was only about 20-40 centimeters deep compared to the meter deep stuff on monday. However, we did find a partial bi-factial tool, cryptocrystiline material. Whether it was a cutting edge or a scrapper, we are unsure.
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