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July 24-28, 2006

Sorry for the late post, but it is better late then not at all. ^^

I only worked once last week. Jon and several other volunteers went to work on another dig at Sauvie Island on Wednsday. Anywho, not too much new was uncovered on the 24th. More FCR and few more flakes. The Greg's group found a core.*

We gained two new volunteers, Jenna and Andrea (sorry no pictures of you guys yet!). They have been a great helped. Despite the hot weather on monday we still completed at least ten holes.

Speaking with another archaeology student from California, the findings of organic soils and occupation was reafirmed with his findings. Eventhough it was a white sandy beach area he was working in, they were finding layers of dark/blackish soil sandwiched between layers of sand. Almost exactly what was being uncovered and hypothesised by Jon. Instead of the white sand, we have layers of brown beach sand and/or silt and/or loam.

Here is the group I worked with on Monday. I augered up to lunch while Katheryn and Jade traded off in the afternoon. Raven (center)was another addition to our work crew. She did the paperwork and screening.

And this is Raven's hat that was made by her mom.

Jade posing with the Auger

Here are some artifact examples

FCR(Fire-cracked rock)

Here is a good example of CCS that I have in my own private collection. This is red chert.

*A core is a piece of rock in which flakes are flaked from. Cores can come in many sizes and shapes and can be of many different materials.

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